Class C Solar Setup - Our Prime Years

Class C Solar Setup

Here is the solar setup for Donna's Tioga Class C motorhome:

  • 3 Kyocera 130 watt (7.4 amp) Solar Panels

  • 1 Kyocera 80 watt (4.5 amp) Solar Panel

  • 4 Sets of Tilt Mounts (tilt to either side of the rig)

  • 6 Lifeline AGM 12 volt Batteries

  • Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024i 30 amp Charge Controller with remote IPN
    NOTE: can piggy-back another of the same controller to handle more solar panels

  • Prosine 2.0 Inverter/Charger with remote panel

  • 2000 watts pure sine wave with 4500 watt surge capability

  • Remote temperature sensor - mounted on battery in storage compartment (unvented)

  • 10 gauge wire from panels to junction box

  • 6 gauge wire from junction box to batteries

  • 300 amp T fuse

  • 50 amp bullet fuse

Here are some photos of the solar installation done by Discount Solar in Quartzsite, AZ in January 2008. Click images for larger photos.

Battery Setup

Installing Solar Panels, Tilt Mounts & Sealing Roof

Inverter/Charger, Solar Boost & Remotes

Donna's Single Life
~ RV ~ Solar Setup